Thursday, February 21, 2013

soccer team sleepover

Just before school started we had a team sleepover.  Unfortunately school had started for some of the girls so they couldn't all be there.  They had so much fun.
 Of course the boys couldn't stay away from all the fun.
 They made a poster for their coach.
 Played dare

 Once it was dark enough and late enough we walked over to Coach's house and decorated it.  The girls hung the poster on the house and then wrote quotes of his and other fun things all over his sidewalk.
 They had so much fun and Coach was very surprised!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cape Disappointment.....far from a disappointment

Back toward the end of August we went camping with the Hall's.  We went to Cape Disappointment and other than some rain it was not a disappointment.  The second day we were there we had some really nice sunshine. 
The kids had so much fun playing on the beach building little forts with all of the driftwood.  It was fun to listen and watch them play. 
Brooklyn giving me her best smile.
 Macey, Brooke, Brooklyn

 The lighthouse.  It was raining and the wind was blowing so hard!  It is pretty crazy.

 All the kids
 Shane loves fishing and he taught Benson a little bit.  They had a lot of fun.  You can see that Benson is pretty excited about the tiny little fish that he caught.

 Shane caught a pregnant fish who was getting ready to give birth.  It was really cool to see.
It was such a fun trip.  I am hoping we can fit one or two trips in this summer!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Ryan's friend birthday party

Ryan was so excited to have a birthday party with his friends.  We decided on a dragon theme and they had to save the princess from the dragon.
Brooklyn was the princess and Jeremy was the king asking the kids for help.

They found the princess with the clues that they had.
 They were given treats and foam swords for doing so well.
Ryan hugging his friends to thank them for their gifts.

Brooklyn drew this dragon so the kids could do "pin the fire on the dragon."
Of course the pinata!
As you can tell I am not a cake decorater.  Those are supposed to be dragons.

They won the Mt. Hood Challange!

Brooklyn's team went on to win the tournament.  It was so much fun for them and us parents.

 Giving fives after the game.

 Can you tell she is so excited about the win!?!

Brooklyn playing in the Mt. Hood Challange

Brooklyn's team played in the Mt. Hood Challange.  It is a really big soccer tournament...they host over 500 teams.  Anyway, the first day of the tournament was the hottest day of the summer!  It was pretty miserable.  The nice thing is that the tournament was in Camas so we got to go down and stay with the Williams and they came to one of Brooklyn's games.
She looks thrilled to have her picture taken, right!?!
Some of the girls, trying to stay cool!
 These pictures are from the second game which was the next day.  It had dropped like 25 degrees!  This was the teams first win.