Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Utah take 2

We got to spend a day up in Park City with my parents, Caitlin, Jared, Janel, Avery, Wyatt, Sayler and Laura.  We had so much fun going on the roller coaster and the alpine slide.  It was also a nice break from the heat in the Salt Lake area.

 Ryan and me heading up on the roller coaster.  We had so much fun!
Grandpa and Jeremy
Ryan and Cait
 Aunt Carla once again got us awesome passes to Boondocks.  We spent the whole day there doing everything you could imagine..riding go karts, water fight tube things, batting cages, arcade games, bowling and laser tag!  Brooklyn, Jeremy and Ryan loved laser tag.
 (Excuse the bad quality of the pics from my phone.)  Jeremy wearing the hat that Avery bought with her tickets.

Pineview (phone pictures)

Here are a few more pictures that I took with my phone when we were at Pineview Resevoir. 

Holden's grave

We also got to go up and visit Holden's grave.  It is such a quiet and peaceful place to go.

 The kids had a lot of fun gathering flowers for Holden.

We also decided to get up early one morning and be there for the sunrise.  It was early but it was beautiful. 

 Unfortunately it started to rain on us so we made a cover.
We love and miss Holden so much.

Pineview with Brooke and kids

In July the kids and I went to Utah.  Our first stop (thanks to Brooke's parents who let us stay at their house while out of town) was Pineview.  The kids had so much fun hanging out with their cousins, playing at Pineview and riding 4 wheelers.  Thanks guys for the great memories!
Brooklyn and Sydnee trying to find a place where the boys won't bug them so they can paint their nails.
 The boys' favorite...the 4 wheelers!

 Playing with the sprinkler because it was HOT!

 Basketball with Grandpa
 and more 4 wheelin'
 Best Buds!  It wasn't even planned but they had matching jammies.

beach day

We also did a little bit of beach hopping.  We went to Roads End State Park Beach and then to Pacific City.  We all had a lot of fun playing at the beach.

 Ryan made a sandcastle for Holden.  I love how much he thinks of Holden and all the things he wants to do for him or give to him.

 Dad and Ryan running down the sand dune.

Jeremy and Caton

hangin' out around home

We did some more pictures of McKinley and Aspen around Battle Ground.  I caught Brooklyn and Matt having some fun on the RR tracks while they were wainting for pictures to be done.
 Matt made us an authentic Chinese dinner (at least as far as I know it was authentic).  It was really yummy!  Everyone was happy with dinner which doesn't happen very often.  Thanks Matt!

 No summer day is complete withour roasting marshmallows over a campfire.