Thursday, December 06, 2012


Since I am so far behind I am going to try and update quickly.  On our way home from Utah we decided to stop in Idaho Falls and see Shoshone Falls.  We had always talked about stopping but had never done it.  It was really cool and a nice break from the 12 hour drive.

Jeremy turned 8 years old on June 15th.  Jeremy is such a great kid and a total goof ball and people pleaser.  I love that when he gets in trouble he tries to make a funny face at me to release the tension.  Love this kid so much!

 For Jeremy's birthday we went to Seattle to see the Giants play the Mariners.  It was a crazy weekend...we (Benson) found heroine in our room and the pool was closed.  It didn't start off too great.  We got us a new room and then told us the pool was open again.  All was good.  Unfortunately the Giants didn't do to well against the Mariners but on a good note they did end up winning the World Series so I am happy.

 We went with some friends to Horseshoe Park and the kids swam and played.  It was a great summer day!

 Brooklyn in her first tournament!  She is on a select soccer team and it has been a lot of fun.  The team struggled for a little while but they are doing great now.  Brooklyn is now the main goalie for the team and she is doing amazing and she loves it. 

 Jeremy was baptized on the 30th of June.  I am so proud of him for choosing to be baptized.  He is such a great example to all those around him especially me.  Love you Jer!  It was nice to have my parents come for his baptism.  Unfortunately I didn't do a very good job documenting the event.

( I have no idea why my pictures won't enlarge and it is really frustrating me!)

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