Saturday, August 11, 2012

End of 4th Grade

At the end of the school year Brooklyn was in her 4th Grade music performance.  They also gave out awards.  The kids earned belts for each song that they learned and mastered.  The first half of the songs they learned in class and the second half they had to teach themselves at home along with a new note every song.  Brooklyn earned her black belt.  That was the highest they could go.

This is Brooklyn being called up for earning an award.  I don't remember which one. 

All the kids learned a few songs.

They played the highest level song that they passed off.  So this is Brooklyn with 3 other students who earned their black belt.  This was out of the whole 4th Grade.  I video taped her performance but I couldn't get it to load on here. 

Brooklyn earned 2 awards that night.

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caitlinlee said...

Good job, Brooklyn! I had to learn songs on the recorder for a music methods class a couple of semesters ago. I'm sure all of my neighbors loved hearing me practice :)