Tuesday, May 01, 2012

This wall has been teasing me since we bought this house 3 years ago.  It is so big and tall and in the stairwell.  What in the world should I do with it!!!  It is so hard to get a ladder to and we are going to have to rent one to do it.  Anyway, in the last few months we finally rented a ladder and borrowed a ladder and Benson painted it.  It was quite the tetris game to get ladders placed correctly to get the whole wall painted.  Benson ended up using 3 different ladders.
So now it is painted and has a new light fixture.  We are headed in the right direction but it is still a big huge open boring wall.  We have talked about a few different things and decided on a stencil.  At first we were going to stencil on the wall but that would be difficult for so many reasons.
This is what we came up with.  Benson made frames and we bought painters canvas and wrapped his frames.  Then we painted them the same color as the wall and then went half a shade lighter of the paint color and painted the stencil on.  I love it.  It is not overpowering, it is just enough to give the wall some life!  Thank you Benson for making all of my visions come to life!  If only I were done. :)

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i love that!