Monday, May 21, 2012

Shine Like A Star!

Back in April our ward had a talent show.  I signed Brooklyn up without asking her.  When I told her she immediately told me no and I dropped it.  Well a couple of weeks later she came home from her piano lesson and she told me she and her teacher had picked out a song for the talent show.  Ahhhh......what this girl will do if you don't bug her about it.  This girl does not give in to peer pressure (or parent pressure).  Anyway, she and her teacher did a duet of Tomorrow from the musical Annie.  She did a really good job.

As you can tell Brooklyn was thrilled I was taking this picture of her.  She was so nervous.  I am very proud of her for doing it (playing the piano, not getting her picture taken).

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Carla said...

Woo-hoo Brooklyn!! Hope you had fun doing it.