Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Utah trip

We went to Utah for Christmas this year.  We left Christmas Eve in the morning hours so we got into Utah late Christmas Eve night.  We had Christmas with the kids before we left but Santa brought their present from him to Utah.  Plus they got all sorts of presents from family. 

Every time I go to Utah I get frustrated with myself because I don't take very many pictures.  So I made up for it this time.  I had so many pictures I wanted to post that I had to do them in collages.

This first collage is from Christmas day at my parents house.

On the Monday after Christmas we had a party with the Weinberger clan.  We had a lot of fun seeing everybody.  I think someone spiked Benson's Diet Pepsi because he was so goofy! 

These pictures are just random pictures while we were at my parents home.  It was really good to see Brooke, Steven, Dylan, Sydnee, Cohen, Caitlin, and Jared.  We hadn't seen them in just over 2 years.  So we had some fun hang out time.  It was so much fun to spend time with them.  Brooklyn and Sydnee gave pedicures to whoever wanted one.  Although they were annoyed when their brothers wanted them so they swapped and neither had to do their own brother.

These pictures are from my phone.  They are horrible quality but I didn't want to miss putting these on here.  Thanks to Aunt Carla we had a fun time at Boondocks.  We played video games, drove go carts, played Laser Tag, and went miniature golfing.  We also went to Leatherby's that night and Jer, Ry, and I shared a yummy ice cream.  The kids also had fun having movie nights!
Thanks for all the fun everyone!  Hopefully we get to do it all again soon!


caitlinlee said...

It was so much fun, I'm glad I got to be a part of Christmas this year. I already miss you guys.

caitlinlee said...

I'd like to have that picture of us with the kids. Will you send it to me? And if it's not too big of a pain send me the ones we took at your house too.