Saturday, September 17, 2011

the making of the swing

I thought I would show you how it was all put together.

First digging the holes.  This is where we put Jeremy and Ryan to work.  They had to stay out there until the holes were completely dug.  No eating, sleeping, or stopping!  They worked day and night!
 Then Benson and I leveled the post and cemented them in.
 Benson cut off the tops to the height that we wanted.
 Then we put the cross beams up and Benson screwed them together. 
 Ryan enjoying the swing.

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Mama B said...

It is so beautiful! And what great little slaves, I mean helpers you have :) I have wanted to do to something like that but put up a kids swing. Mac loves swinging and it would be nice to have one more thing for my busy body boy to do.