Saturday, August 13, 2011

California trip part 2 (whale watching)

On Monday we went to Monterrey and we went on a whale watching tour.  That was a lot of fun and very cool.
 Brooklyn told me that a group of dolphins is called a pod.  So according to Brooklyn here is a pod of dolphins.
 Ryan was having a great time until someone came around and told us he needed to have a life jacket on.  Of course it was way too big for him.  Anyway, I still think he had a pretty good time.

 We got to see a blue whale.  That was very cool.
 We even got to see his tail which apparently is very rare!  Maybe they just told us that so we would feel pretty lucky either way I felt pretty darn lucky!
 We also saw 2 humpback whales.  They were swimming together and the even fluked? one right after the other.  That was probably my favorite part.
 That evening we went back to Zach and Kelly's house and had dinner with them.  The kids helped Kelly pick all the plums off of the tree.  They had been out of town for 2 weeks so there was a bunch of fruit to pick.

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caitlinlee said...

I'm jealous, this looks like so much fun!!