Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to SF

On Thursday we went back to San Francisco to do some tourist stuff.  We started back at AT&T park to walk around the outside.  While we were there a motorcycle cop pulled up and he let Jeremy get on his bike, he also got to beep the siren and turn on the lights.  He was going to let Ryan also but he was too scared.
 McCovey Cove
 Brooklyn posing, what a funny girl.
 Benson wanted to go to Alamo Square and take pictures of the "painted ladies." 
 Then of course I needed a classic "Full House" picture.
 We walked part way across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was really neat.  We even saw a dolpin in the water.
 It wasn't windy at all.  (Yeah right)

 We drove down to this area.  I am not sure the name of it and watched the water crash against the rocks.  I let the kids poke their heads out the sunroof and get hit by the water.  As you can tell Brooklyn chickened out as the water was coming up!
 We were watching a seal play in the water.
 An old military fort at the base of the bridge.  It was really cool to walk through.
 The cemetary at the Precidio.  The kids were talking about who was buried there and Benson told them that they had to be in the military to be buried there.  So Brooklyn says to Jeremy,  "Yeah Jeremy, Zach will be buried here soon enough."  (Zach is Benson's nephew who is in the Army.)  Benson and I both said hopefully not!
 That evening we met up with Adrienne and went to dinner by her apartment in the Marina.  It was fun to walk around there a little bit.  After that we went back to her place and had ice cream.  And of course I didn't take any pictures of her and me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!!! This is Zach. I agree with you and Benson about the cemetary thing, but I am glad I got to be part of your family trip. I hope you guys are good!!! Love You All

caitlinlee said...

Whatever happened to predictability?? The milkman, the paper boy, evening tv...