Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer time

These pictures posted in the opposite order then I thought they were going to so I am going to work backwards.  Here are some pictures from July 5 when we had a picnic dinner at Lewisville Park.
I loved this picture of Brooklyn.
Earlier that day I met up with Lisa and we took the kids to Lewisville Park so the kids could go swimming in the river.  They had a ton of fun.
On the Fourth of July we went to a friend of ours that Benson worked nights with.  We went to their house last year for the 4th and had a really good time.  We were excited to go back this year.  We had a lot of fun again.  Jeremy loved seeing the fireworks that they set off and Brooklyn loved flirting with Bill.

Brooklyn and Bill
Brooklyn with Kristin up in the tree house.
all decked out for the 4th
Before we went to Bill's house we played outside with the neighbors.  The kids had fun playing with water balloons.

These pictures are from my birthday.  I was sick over my birthday.  Benson had planned a surprise party with some friends that ended up having to be cancelled which was a total bummer.  On my actual birthday we had the Larman's and the Gaylor's come over.  Unfortunately I still wasn't feeling great and didn't even get to take a bite of my birthday cake.  All in all it was really fun to have friends over.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for trying to make it a special day for me.
During my birthday celebration Jer lost his 2 front teeth.  They had been loose for quite some time and apparently Jer was tired of it and he had Benson yank them.

We also headed to Tualating to meet up with some old friends from there to have a play date.  Apparently I didn't do a very good job at taking pictures of the event.
We have had a very busy summer so far and it isn't slowing down anytime soon.  I am happy to be busy and spending time with friends and family.

Jeremy's 1st grade zoo field trip

Well this is a little out of order but I used my old camera at the zoo and so the pictures were forgotten about for a little while.  Anyway, Ryan and I went with Jeremy on his field trip to the zoo back on June 3rd.  Here is Jeremy with the boys in his group.
 At one point we ran into Jeremy's teacher Miss Johnson.  She was a fabulous teacher!

Benson's new stomping grounds

While Jean was here we also went to see Benson at the horse stables.  Benson is training to be part of the mounted patrol.  It is a total change for him but he is excited about it and the kids think it is really cool.
 Benson with Ian.  This is one of the horses that he has mainly been training with.
 I thought it was cool to watch these horses playing.  At least that is what Benson said they were doing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Battle Ground Lake with Grandma

We had some really nice weather while Jean was here so we decided to go to the park.  I didn't want to just go to any park.  So we drove around and ended up at Battle Ground Lake.  We didn't go down to the lake but the kids played at the play ground.  It was so pretty sitting amongst all of the big trees and the kids had a good time exploring at a new park.

Grandma Jean's visit and Father's Day

Benson's mom came and visited over Father's Day.  It was a lot of fun to have her here.  On Father's Day Brooklyn and Jean made meatball heros for dinner and they were yummy. 

 Brooklyn watching Benson read the letter she made for him.
 Ryan's gift to Benson...himself!
(I don't know what is up with the quality of these pictures but I don't have time to figure it out.  So, sorry!)

end of school year

I am trying to get updated.  I have just been so busy!  So anyway I am going back a few weeks.  This is from the last couple days of school.  Brooklyn's class had a native american feast because they had been learning about them.  Ryan and I went and participated in the feast.  Brooklyn and I made cornbread to take.

 For the kids teachers this year we made them candy bar posters.  They turned out really cute!