Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeremy's 7th Birthday

Jeremy is getting quite the birthday celebration this year.  Benson was out of town on his birthday so the weekend before we celebrated with cake and presents. 
 This is Ryan realizing none of these presents are for him.
One of the many ways I know Jeremy is my son is he picked chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  What a smart kid!
 I love that Jeremy can't stop smiling long enough to even blow out his candles.

Then on his birthday we went out to dinner and had brownies.  On the next Saturday Grandma Jean came into town and we went out to dinner and she had them sing Happy Birthday to him and this coming Saturday is his friend party and they are going to see Cars 2.  I hope my birthday lasts as long as Jeremy's does!

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Carla said...

The pic of Jeremy trying to blow out his candles is the best. It's so cute that he can't stop smiling--he knows how to have a good time. Happy Birthday, Jeremy!! I love you.