Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeremy's 7th Birthday

Jeremy is getting quite the birthday celebration this year.  Benson was out of town on his birthday so the weekend before we celebrated with cake and presents. 
 This is Ryan realizing none of these presents are for him.
One of the many ways I know Jeremy is my son is he picked chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  What a smart kid!
 I love that Jeremy can't stop smiling long enough to even blow out his candles.

Then on his birthday we went out to dinner and had brownies.  On the next Saturday Grandma Jean came into town and we went out to dinner and she had them sing Happy Birthday to him and this coming Saturday is his friend party and they are going to see Cars 2.  I hope my birthday lasts as long as Jeremy's does!

beginning of summer

We are so happy that summer has finally started to show its face.  Any chance we get we are soaking up the cancerous rays.

This is Ryan out front at the neighbors enjoying their kiddie pool.
 A couple of weeks ago we had some friends over.  They are Braves fans and we are Mets fans and the 2 teams were playing each other so we decided to have a little shindig.  We had dinner and then roasted marshmallows and had some smores.

It was a lot of fun and the kids love having new friends to play with.  Dylan was on Jeremy's baseball team.  Benson helped Dylan's dad, Ryan coach the team.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Horning's Hideout

Shelly organized a get together on Memorial Day.  We went and spent the day at Horning's Hideout.  We were really worried about the weather but it ended up being a beautiful day.  So it was us, Williams and the Ravert's.  The kids had so much fun playing together.
 Ryan loves to swing.
 Jeremy, of course, hit the ball too hard and it went on the roof.  Here they are trying to get it off.  First Jer tried...
 then Ryan...
 and then Benson. 
 Benson was purposely going the wrong way and getting the kids all wound up.  It was so funny.
 Ryan loved playing with Emma and Grayce.  They were so sweet with him.
 The kids trying to catch salamander.  The husbands were off playing frisbee golf.

 Ryan loved having Anzlie push him on the swing.  He kept saying, "faster".  It made me a little nervous.
We had such a great time.  It was so fun to see everyone.

Jeremy's 1st grade singing performance

All of the 1st graders had a singing performance.  Jeremy wasn't thrilled about going.  He said he was only going so he could have a cookie after.  I would probably complain also if I had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and other various pre-school songs.  But it was cute to watch him.

Jeremy with his good friend Josh.

Lucia Falls with the Williams

A week after we went to Lucia Falls with my family the Williams' came  up and we went there again.  This time the salmon weren't jumping much because the water was running so fast.  It had been really warm the few days leading up to the day we went.  So the water was running really fast.  The kids still had fun though.
 Heidi and Brooklyn

The Williams' also came to celebrate Shelly's birthday with us.  We had yummy cake and ice cream!

more baseball

Jeremy played first base, his favorite!
 He's out!

 Jer is always eager to find out what position he is playing.
 Ry loves to see his brother.

Multnomah Falls

While my parents were here I realized we had never taken them to Multnomah Falls.  So on their last day here Benson, Ryan, and I took them to see the falls.  The weather wasn't perfect but it was much better then I was expecting.

 Ryan wanted to scare me as I came around the corners.