Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Jeremy is having a great year in baseball.  He is playing really well and it is really fun to watch him.  I think he has struck out once and got out at first once other than that he has gotten on base every time.  Maybe not always great hits but enough to get him on base.

Here he is playing first base, one of his favorite positions.

 There's my little lefty.
 I had to add the full sequence of these pictures.  Jeremy was playing third base and he caught the ball.  Not only do I love watching Jeremy in the pictures but everyone around him.  You can watch Benson taking his hands out of his pockets to clap.  Dylan (the pitcher) tracking the ball, and the kid in the outfield next to Benson paying absolutely no attention to where the ball is.

 Jeremy after scoring a run.
 Ryan telling his brother good job.
 The cutest fan at the ballpark.

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Janel said...

aaahhh, miss those kiddos!