Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lucia Falls with G, G, and L

My mom drove back home with me from Utah.  Then the next weekend my dad and Laura came up to visit.  While they were all here we went on a couple of excursions.  The first one was to Lucia Falls and we got to see the salmon trying to jump up the waterfall.  That was really cool.  We went back the next weekend with some friends and the water was running so much faster from the warm weather that we didn't see nearly as many.


Jeremy is having a great year in baseball.  He is playing really well and it is really fun to watch him.  I think he has struck out once and got out at first once other than that he has gotten on base every time.  Maybe not always great hits but enough to get him on base.

Here he is playing first base, one of his favorite positions.

 There's my little lefty.
 I had to add the full sequence of these pictures.  Jeremy was playing third base and he caught the ball.  Not only do I love watching Jeremy in the pictures but everyone around him.  You can watch Benson taking his hands out of his pockets to clap.  Dylan (the pitcher) tracking the ball, and the kid in the outfield next to Benson paying absolutely no attention to where the ball is.

 Jeremy after scoring a run.
 Ryan telling his brother good job.
 The cutest fan at the ballpark.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Utah trip

We took a last minute trip to Utah a couple of weeks back.  Benson's brother Matt and his wife Dayna were celebrating their 20 year anniversary and needed someone to keep an eye on their kids, so my kids and I went to help out.  The kids had a really good time.  During the day we got to hang out with my family and do some fun things and at night we got to hang out with Mc Kinley, Aspen, and Caton.  We also were able to visit some of Benson's family.  We had a really fun but very hectic week.  Thanks to everyone for the visit!

Smoot Park

 They are true boys.  Just give them some sticks and dirt and they are happy.
 Jeremy, Caton, and Brooklyn at Aunt Kathi's house.  She had us over for dinner one night and it was yummy.  Thanks Kathi and Ashli it was fun to be with you guys.  Jeremy loved spending the night with Caton.  He looked forward to it every day!  He was always saying that he wished Caton didn't have to go to school so he could hang out with him.  We did get to go have breakfast with Caton when we was awarded Student of the Month.  That was really neat to be at.
 Ashli and Ryan and of course Bruce
 Aspen, Jeremy and Ryan
 Grandma Jean also fed us a lot.  She took us out to dinner one night and then she had us over for lasagna another night.  It was fun to be with Grandma, Uncle David, Kathi, Ashli and Taylor.  Kathi teaching Ryan how to blow up a balloon.  (Ryan's shirt was off because he was eating lasagna.)  As you can tell I need to take more pictures.  I always come home and am ticked at myself for not getting more pics.
 Ryan, Jeremy, Brooklyn, Wyatt, and Avery out in front of their house just before we left to come home.  The kids had a lot of fun seeing Avery and Wyatt again.  I had fun hanging out with my sisters and parents.  It was really fun that Brooke was there for a night while we were also.  I made her stay up until 2:00 AM to hang out with me.  I told her if I saw her more often she wouldn't have to stay up so late.  I just wish the rest of her family was there too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well I am finally getting around to posting again.  Hopefully I can get caught up soon.  Here are some pictures from our very hectic Easter morning.  Nothing like easter egg hunting, getting everyone ready and to church by 9:00 in the morning.
So this is pretty much what Ryan's breakfast consisted of (his chocolate bunny).  This and a cinnamon roll.  Just wait it gets better.

 The kids did not want to cooperate in getting an Easter picture.  On top of that the weather was crappy!
 We dyed our eggs on Easter.  We ran out of time on Saturday and we figured they just sit in the fridge anyway so we will just dye them on Sunday.  The kids didn't care one bit.
 And this is dinner, not totally but pretty much.  He didn't eat much of his dinner.
 Our neighbors the Larman's invited us over for Easter dinner and it was yummy!