Monday, April 25, 2011

Oregon Coast

The gang minus me
David and Sarah invited us to go to the coast with them for the weekend.  We were so excited to go.  We usually try to meet them for a day when they go but this time they invited us to stay for 2 nights.  We had so much fun.  The kids had such a good time with Uncle David and Aunt Sarah and their dog Ruby.  We also got to take Sarge.  We all had such a good time running around the beach and playing.  The weather was great.  Not a single rain drop!

The kids were trying to knock Benson off and he was trying to knock them off.  Benson won.
Playing with seaweed.
 David and Brooklyn found a wish stick.  David won.
I never thought a little sand dune could be so much fun!

The kids loved that they got to go swimming.  Sarah got in with them and they had a blast playing with her.  They played all sorts of games.  We told Jeremy to do a cannonball and he did a flip.  Then we had to remind him what a cannonball was.
 Beautiful sunset from our balcony.

 Monday was our last day and we had the greatest weather that day.

 We headed 10 minutes north to go to Devil's Punch Bowl.  It is one of my and Benson's favorite spots.  We go there right at the wrong time though.  It was high tide and we didn't get to look through the rocks for sea life.
 A lucky picture that Benson got.  He was taking a picture through the hole of some driftwood and Brooklyn and David happened to walk right in front of it.

  Sarah teaching Ryan how to make a whistling sound with the grass.  Then of course all of us had to do it. 
 We had such a great trip.  Thank you so much David and Sarah.  The kids will always have such great memories of this weekend with you guys and so will we!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

50's party

For Activity Days they had a Daddy/Daughter 50's party.  Benson had to work so Brooklyn went with her good friend Bennett and her dad.  She had a lot of fun and I thought the 2 of them little cute in their outfits.  I was running around the house trying to find something that would resemble the 50's.  She is wearing my skirt and 2 of her skirts under it to give it some poof.  I think for a last minute throw together she looked really cute!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a couple projects

We have been working on some projects around the house.  I bought this chair for $10 at Goodwill.  Benson wasn't very happy with me but I think he likes the finished project.  I did most of it by myself.  Benson helped me with a little bit putting on the new fabric.

 For Benson's birthday I gave him money to make a workbench for the garage.  He was very excited and in Benson fashion it is much more than just a workbench that goes in the garage.

Here is the table top that he glued a bunch of 2x6's cut in half together.  Jeremy helped him with this part.  Jeremy of course felt pretty lucky to help out his dad.

The finished project.  I tried to find a place in our house to put it but it is too big.  It is way too nice to be sitting in a garage, but there was just no where for it to go.  I told Benson our nicest piece of furniture should not be in the garage.  He is very happy with it and nobody is allowed to touch it!  Just kidding!