Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beach Conference

Benson deemed Stake Conference to be Beach Conference this go round. So we got up this morning and headed for the coast. It was a little cold and misty but all in all not bad. Nobody complained about being cold. Jeremy always finds his way to seaweed and the water. We tell him everytime to not get all wet and he never manages to listen. This time he fell down and the water soaked him. Luckily we brought a change of pants, unfortunately we didn't bring a new jacket, shirt, socks, or shoes. He was a good sport though and didn't complain.

Sarge had a ball on the beach. He ran all over but came back as soon as he was called. The kids had fun running around with him also.
Ryan found some goggles in the bag of sand toys. I am not sure what his plans were?!?
We can't forget a picture of the two of us! We had a fun day. I am glad we went.

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Janel said...

ya, i wish we could have beach conference here...maybe "mountain conference"