Thursday, December 16, 2010

the hunt

The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree. We found a tree farm that supports the troops by giving away trees to their families. They also support law enforcement by giving them a discount. So in all of this support we decided we would go there and support them. (For the record we probably won't go back. They were super nice but their trees are a little too shaped for our style.) Anyway, here we go on an adventure. Ryan refused to wear a coat but he never complained about being cold either. So, I can't complain about him not wearing a coat, I guess. I love this kids eyes when he wears blue! Along our way....always looking for a good photo op.
Still searching...
and another photo op.
We finally decided on a tree. Ryan is supervising the cutting of the tree.
Taking more pictures while Benson is on the ground in the mud sawing away.
This is about when Benson asked, "Why do we do this again?" In which I respond, "because it is fun!"
Benson with his famous "kill" picture.
the whole gang
Good time had by all!

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