Friday, September 03, 2010

Ryan's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 2 years old! Where does the time go. We had a birthday party for him. Unfortunately his birthday happened to be the hottest day of the whole summer. So it turned into a sprinkler party to try and stay cool.

He is saying "shoes" in this picture. He loved the police shoes that the Larman's gave to him. Brooklyn reading the card to Ryan that she made for him.

Ryan was a little nervous doing the pinata and he insisted on holding the bat at the wrong end. Did I mention he turned 2!?!

Everyone was trying to get Ryan to hit the pinata again and he didn't want to. So he brought the bat to me.
Ryan and Alexander enjoying the cookies they got from the pinata.

Benson was trying to teach Ryan how to blow out and how to blow out his candles. I love his face in these next 2 pictures.

I am pretty sure he did blow at least 1 of them out but this picture looks like it tells otherwise.

We love Ryan so much. His newest love is babies. He plays with Brooklyn's baby doll's. He even insisted on taking his nap the other day with a baby. Ryan loves to be doing what all the big kids are doing. If they are wrestling then he is wrestling. He wants to eat what they eat and watch whatever t.v. show they are. He knows the show iCarly. Whenever it comes on he yells, "Carly!" One day the kids weren't home and I tried putting on a little kid show and he wasn't interested. So I changed it to iCarly and he sat down and wanted to watch. Ryan also loves to work hard. He pulls out his vacuum and pretends to vacuum. He also loves to take care of Sarge. He is always making sure he has food and water and is always sneeking him treats. Ryan also loves to be outside pushing his lawn mower or trying to ride the big wheel and tricycle. He doesn't sit on the seat of the trike because he feet don't reach. So he sits on the step below and flintstone's his way around. Ryan is definitely an original and we are so happy he is part of our family.

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Janel said...

oh i love him!! such cute pictures!