Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mount St. Helen's

Benson and his friends decided to hike Mt. St. Helen's. Luckily I got to go along with them. Matt also brought his daughter Makenzie. We left at 9:30 with complete confidence that we would make it back by 6:00. ( It didn't happen.) Benson and I at the tree line. Going through the trees is the first 2 miles.
A view of Mt. Adams.

Heading up the rock and then to the ash which is the next 2.5 miles. It is much slower going then the walk through the forest.
Makenzie, Matt, Bill, and Me

Enjoying some down time.
Add a rock to the pile after finishing the climb up.
Me and Bill relaxing part way up the ash.
The clouds were rolling in which made me claustraphobic.
At the top, finally!
Benson and Me at the top of the crater. It was really cool, better then I remembered.
Benson, Bill, Matt
Benson took this during our descent. We were trying to book it before we lost day light. We took 7 hours to make it to the top. We made it to the tree line and it was dusk. Benson being the only smart one brought a flashlight. So we had 1 flashlight and 5 people. It was really slow making it out. We thought we were never going to make it. The flashlight died on us with a couple of minutes to go. We used Bill's iPhone to light the rest of our way. Luckily we were very close to the end.
I will never make fun of Benson for being overprepared again. If it wasn't for him we probably would of had to spend the night on the mountain. It took us 12 hours. We got home at 10:40. It was a long day but I had a good time. Thanks Bens for letting me go with you. I love you!

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Janel said...

i'm so proud of you!! that's awesome!!