Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brooklyn's 9th Birthday

Yesterday was Brooklyn's 9th birthday. I cannot believe my baby girl is 9 years old. She is such a sweet girl and I love the "tween" she is becoming. We went to the store on her birthday and I let her pick out an outfit. That is what she is wearing in this picture. She looks absolutely adorable in it. She is so fashionable! I think we are going to do a little photo session with her in it sometime soon. Brooklyn holding up the outfit she got from Grandma Jeppson. Grandma made the skirt and bought the shirt to go with it. She is wearing it today and it looks adorable on her.
Beej and Ry with the presents Ryan got for her. He also opened one for her because he just couldn't help himself seeing the present just sitting there. Thanks to Grandma Jean for the cards she sent for Jeremy and Ryan to help distract them from Brooklyn's gifts.
Jer was so excited to get Brooklyn a present. He loves her so much, sometimes a little too much and drives her crazy.
Birthday cookie cake
We made one really big cookie and then Brooklyn said we should put cookie dough ice cream on top so that's what we did. It was yummy!
I just liked this picture of Ryan trying to stuff the cake into his mouth.
For dinner we went to Sweet Tomatoes, that was Brooklyn's pick. Brooklyn and Jer also had soccer games which Jeremy won his game and Brooklyn's team lost. We had a fun day.
Brooklyn is such a wonderful child to have. She loves to help and really tries to do what is right. I went to Back to School night the other day and as soon as I walked in her teacher was raving about how wonderful Brookyn is. She pays attention, does her work, is quiet, and very helpful. I love that I have a child that wants to do good. I just hope she stays that way throughout her life. She really is an easy child to raise. With all that said she is starting to let some pre-teen attitude show through but hopefully that means she won't let people push her around and talk her into things she knows are wrong.
We love you Brooklyn and are so happy you are a part of our family.

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