Friday, August 27, 2010

Yale Lake with friends

The Beachell's invited us to go to Yale Lake with them. It was the first time our kids had been on a boat and we had a load of fun.

Ryan waving as they came to pick us up in the boat.

We went to our own little spot on the lake. It was wonderful. We had no one else around us and the kids were completely entertained.

Railroad tracks across a small part of the lake. I thought they were cool. We went under them to our little hidden beach.

Jeremy went with Bailey on the tube. I was freaking out seeing him out there. The guys said they should have left me back on the beach :(
Benson and Brooklyn on the tube. They weighed too much and the boat couldn't pull them. Once Brooklyn face planted she wasn't about to try it again.
I just liked this picture of Benson so I added it in. I think he is hot!
The next time we went I tried wakeboarding for the first time. I got up for a minute or maybe 2 seconds but it was fun. Thanks Beachell's!

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Carla said...

Just finished catching up on all of your posts and it looks like your family had a really fun summer. I'm glad you and Benson had a nice time in Tahoe--a week away from 3 kids is quite a treat. Your camera sure takes nice clear pics.