Thursday, August 05, 2010

the beginning

My sister Laura flew to Portland so she could drive to Utah with me. It was a really good thing she did. We left for the trip at 3:00 A.M. and 4 hours into the drive my right front tire blew out on me. I happened to be driving with me knee at the time because I was eating sunflower seeds to stay awake. It took me by surprise when it happened. I thought maybe I had hit the rumble strips but quickly realized that wasn't the case. The first thing I did (after stopping) was call Benson. Much to my husbands amazement I had not been speeding which could have made things a lot worse. Also, when I called to tell him what had happened he question me several times if my tire really blew out or I just got a flat. Anyway, I had to pull out the owner's manual and find out where everything was. I had loosened the lug nuts and was figuring out how to do the jack when this wonderful trucker stopped and took over. He was impressed that I knew to loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the car. Anyway, he was heaven sent and wouldn't even let me pay him for all his help. The kids waiting and watching. The scariest part was trying to keep them safe.
See it really did blow out.
Benson had called Oregon State Patrol but we were back on our way before they made it to us. Benson tracked down the nearest tire store which luckily was only 12 miles away. The kids and I talked about how blessed we were that nobody was hurt. We also talked about all the other good things that happened such as, it happened before the heat of the day, we were on a straightaway where there was a good shoulder, that someone stopped and helped, and so on. So we pulled into LaGrande and got a used tire from Les Schwab. When I went up to pay for the tire the employee had told me that a women that was in earlier left a blank check to pay for my tire. I was so shocked and so amazed at all of the generosity from the people around me that I almost started to cry. In some ways I was glad this happened to us because it was such a good lesson for me and the kids.

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the lesson. That makes me cry also. So glad there is good people in this world.