Friday, August 27, 2010

Yale Lake with friends

The Beachell's invited us to go to Yale Lake with them. It was the first time our kids had been on a boat and we had a load of fun.

Ryan waving as they came to pick us up in the boat.

We went to our own little spot on the lake. It was wonderful. We had no one else around us and the kids were completely entertained.

Railroad tracks across a small part of the lake. I thought they were cool. We went under them to our little hidden beach.

Jeremy went with Bailey on the tube. I was freaking out seeing him out there. The guys said they should have left me back on the beach :(
Benson and Brooklyn on the tube. They weighed too much and the boat couldn't pull them. Once Brooklyn face planted she wasn't about to try it again.
I just liked this picture of Benson so I added it in. I think he is hot!
The next time we went I tried wakeboarding for the first time. I got up for a minute or maybe 2 seconds but it was fun. Thanks Beachell's!

our garden

When we got back from Utah we had to check on our garden. This wasn't a very good gardening season due to the lack of sun the beginning of summer. But we have had a few summer squash and some tomatos. Jeremy and Ryan both want to be the one to carry it into the house.

Wyatt's adoption finalization

While we were in Utah Wyatt's adoption was finalized. It was nice to be there for that. He is so dang adorable. We are so happy he is a part of our family. Brooklyn, Jeremy, and Avery with Great-Grandpa. He had to leave the party early to go help an "elderly couple" that he takes care of. (They are younger then him!) He is an amazing man.
at the pary

back in Utah

After Tahoe we went back to Utah. We had a little party with Benson's family and then Benson flew out the next day. He had to get home for his AR-15 class at work. So the kids and I stayed a few more days. It was nice to be there for so long because it gave Ryan a really good opportunity to really get to know everyone.

Ryan, Grandpa, and Wyatt It was hot on Sunday afternoon so the kids stripped down and played in the sprinkler.

Don't worry we didn't use weber water!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our last day in Tahoe

For our last day in Tahoe we decided to hike down to Hidden Beach and hang out. The only bad part is that it isn't very hidden. Withing a couple of hours there was a whole bunch of people. Anyway, it was really relaxing. We read our books, layed out, and swam a little. It was a perfect day!
This was the beach before anyone else was there.

It was a good thing we bought this umbrella. It was super hot! At least for our little white bodies.
Anyway, thanks Benson for a wonderful trip. I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cruisin' along through day 5

We took it really easy on Thursday. That evening we went on the Woodwind II. That was one of our most favorite things that we did. We had a really good time on the catamaran and just relaxing with each other.

Day 4 in Tahoe

On our fourth day in Tahoe we did some hiking. We went up to Eagle Lake and Falls. We left pretty early to help avoid hiking with a lot of other people. It was really pretty. on our way
Eagle Lake, we hiked around part of it.
Benson checking out the lake.

This is Eagle Falls I believe. This is on the other side of the highway. This is the side that Lake Tahoe is on.
We also hiked Cascade Falls. That was a really cool waterfall. This picture is of Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe in the background.
The stream before it went into the major falls.
Cascade Falls
After all that we headed up to the north side of the lake and ate at a really cool place on the Truckee River called The Bridgetender.
After dinner we drove along the Truckee River and by the time we decided to turn around and head back there had been an accident. So we hung out on the highway for a little bit grateful we didn't have kids with us. Then we headed around the east side of the lake and got a few more cool pictures.