Thursday, June 24, 2010

Downtown Portland

Matt, Dayna and kids are here visiting. It is so good having them here. On Monday we went and explored Portland. We saw things that I didn't even know existed.

We started off at the St. John's Bridge. It is such a cool bridge. Brooklyn, Aspen, McKinley, Jeremy, and Caton
Brooklyn loves being around Aspen. She copies a lot of the things Aspen does.

Brooklyn, Matt, and Jeremy after rolling down the hill.

This is the smile I get when I ask Ryan for a smile.
St. John's Bridge
We walked onto the Steel Bridge.
A view of downtown from the bridge.
A fountain that I didn't even know was there.
A view from the Vista Bridge looking into downtown.
Me and Brooklyn on the Vista Bridge.
At the end of the day we hung out in the backyard and a fun game of tug-of-war was played.

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