Thursday, April 01, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma's visit

We were going to go to Utah over the kids' spring break but it didn't work out. It was okay though because my parents decided to make Washington their vacation for their anniversary and my mom's birthday. They spent a few days in the Seattle area and also stayed with us for a few days. It was fun to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. Jeremy kept calling her Old Lady. (Don't worry Mom he calls me that too.)
After smoking the house up with Benson's birthday candles we decided that double that amount would be too much. So 1 candle it is! The one really nice day that we had we went to the zoo. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a fun time.

I put this picture up because it is the only one with me. There have been no pictures of me lately and I don't want people to start wondering if I am really still here.
This goat was sniffing Jeremy's shirt. Luckily for Jer he decided it wasn't his flavor and started eating another boy's shirt.
Ryan wanted Jer's apple and we told Jer not to worry he would only want a couple bites. Well he ended up eating the whole thing all the way down to the core.

Jer also got to play baseball with Grandpa, we played a little Wii, went on a field trip with Jeremy's class, played some card games, found a quilt store, and ate out. We had a good time! Thanks Mom and Dad for coming.

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Anonymous said...

Look's like a fun weekend. We miss you guys, hope you are doing well. I love way all your pictures turn out.