Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cannon Beach

We decided we needed a little day trip to the beach. It is hard for us to go anywhere because school breaks and Benson's days off rarely coincide. So we took the kids out of school on Tuesday and headed for the beach. We lucked out the weather was pretty nice. Ryan didn't like the feel of the sand at first, but I had to put him down for a minute to take some pictures.
We took Sarge with us. Well Sarge gets major anxiety in the car and he threw up 5 times on the way there. We considered turning around and going home but obviously we didn't. Let's just the say the trip to the coast was a blast. (Actually I didn't have to clean it up so I did start to find it a little comical.) All of you that know Benson know that he stayed calm, cool and collected. I have to give Benson credit, he handled it really well.

Anyway, Sarge liked to chase the seagulls and Benson was trying to keep up with him.
The kids wrote their name in the sand.
Jeremy's looks a little bit like chinese.
Haystack Rock

Jeremy always has to push his luck. There were a couple of times Ryan followed Jeremy and I would have to hurry and grab him.
playing on the beach

All 3 of the kids had a really good time playing in the sand with their toys.

We had a good time. Jeremy, Ryan, and Sarge all fell asleep on the way home. Jeremy was sleeping with his head on Sarge. It was cute.

kite flying

Saturday was perfect kite flying weather. Which was great because the kids are always begging to fly their kites.


Jeremy had his first baseball game last week. We had a little mini photo session before his game.

Ryan loves to sit on the bench with the team when they are up to bat. I love that Jeremy likes it just as much as Ryan.

They ended up losing 2-1. They also lost their next game. (Good thing the the MLB Giants are doing better then this.) The good news is Jeremy is having a great time. It is all coach pitch and he has done really well.


We had an Easter party with our neighbors. The kids had a good time finding eggs. We let the babies start it off and then moved on up the line to the big girls. They were all very satisfied with the amount of eggs they found. Ryan collecting his share.
I love when they are so young and innocent. They find an egg that someone has forced upon them and then they want to open it. Before they are allowed to open it they are being bossed around so they can find more! Isn't it fun!

After the hunt they separated their candy from non candy items, made a craft and decorated cupcakes.
I figured while we were standing around with cameras in hand I would have someone take a picture of us since we don't seem to have very many.
Jeremy with 2 of the cupcakes he made.
Ryan didn't care about decorating just eating.
This is Easter morning at our house. I love that Ryan is starting to give me the cheesy smile when he sees me trying to get a picture of him.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Egg-cellent time

We dyed our eggs last night and we had a good time. We started off with 24, 2 were ruined when they were boiled. I think because Jer wanted to help and threw one in. While we were coloring Ryan had his way with a couple more eggs, but we had fun.

The kiddo's being goofy!