Sunday, March 21, 2010

yard work

We have had really nice weather on and off lately so we have been trying to get some things done in the yard. We started off by moving a sprinkler head so we can put in our planter boxes. This is a picture of Ryan helping to dig the ditch to move the sprinkler head. While doing so we found....
a really long worm.
Then we used the mini as a truck and got some wood.
We (Benson) made some vegetable beds. He let me help so that I felt important too.
The soil is so bad here. A few inches down and it is actually really hard clay.
Then we put in some crushed rock so that we didn't have to trek through mud all the time. Jer and Ry were in heaven.
The almost finished project.
Benson also made that gate in the background. It used to just be a solid fence there which was lame.


Janel said...

those veggie boxes are GORGEOUS!! i want some bens!

c.lee said...

It looks so great! You are making such a beautiful home for yourself! I hope I get to see it in person one day!

Carla said...

Nice work, Benson...and Michelle! Grandpa Staats was quite the farmer and would be proud!!

Kenny, Tara, Ashley said...

Good job Benson. Hope you didn't hurt yourself. Mr. Miyagi would be proud of those. Kenny