Thursday, February 25, 2010

spring training

Spring training is in full force in this neck of the woods. Jeremy is doing coach pitch this year, with that comes try-outs. What we are told is that try-outs are just to make sure that teams are evenly matched. But who are we kidding. They have a draft. No joke! The coaches come and see the kids and last Tuesday night they got together for the "draft". So I tried to get outside with Jer a few times to get some practice in. We took him to the batting cages once but apparently you have to be 6. It was very disappointing to Jeremy. The guy that owns the place gave him some quarters to play the video games.
Jeremy keeping his eye on the ball.
He goes for it. (Apparently I need to work on my pitching skills.)

So try-outs are over. Benson said he did fine. He was the first batter and he hit 3 of his 5 balls and he did pretty well fielding. Pop fly's we need to work on. I guess he will be playing with 7 year olds which seems crazy because Jeremy is 5. But he is excited to play and I am excited to watch.
Ryan needed to get in on the action.

playing catch

I already see the potential. ;)


Anonymous said...

When I saw this pic I immediately thought about the baseball mit I bought you for Christmas when you were only 6 or 7. At the time, you wanted to play ball just like your brothers. Also, I was thrilled for the chance to encourage you to go in a less traditional direction with your interests and play time. I think you liked the gift for a minute but in no time at all went back to the dolls and little girl things that were always in your heart.

Now you are a devoted, busy, wonderful mom. That traditional path fits you beautifully and naturally!! But I had to smile, as it seems that a baseball glove fits you well too! :)

Sure do miss all of you! I hope we can get back to OR soon for a nice visit. :)



KATE said...

so cute, I love little Ryan playing catch, great pictures!