Saturday, January 09, 2010

newest projects

If you remember, I had to make something to hang our Christmas stockings on. Well Christmas is over and I now needed things to replace the stockings. So I decided to take our family picture and do this... I was really happy with the result. Well, my good friend came over and I had to show her. She told me I should do something similar with the Young Women's theme for 2010. With a lot of help from my friend this is the finished project. I really am happy with it. Now I hope I can sell a few. We shall see.
I took this picture of the Salt Lake Temple when we were in Utah for Christmas 2008. It is fun to use my own picture for a project. I also have one of the Portland Temple that I am going to use. So exciting!
If you know anyone that would be interested send them here:


Janel said...

when did you get so freaking creative??!! love 'em :)

KATE said...

So cute! Holy Cow Michelle... SO CUTE!