Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a new baby

I don't know how many of you have noticed but on the side of my blog is a link to my sister's adoption blog. Well on Monday Janel got a call from the agency she is working with. They called to tell her that a birth mom had a baby boy on Saturday and wants to meet her and her husband at the hospital that day. Janel called me so excited to tell me about it. She and Johnny met with the birth mom and within a few hours they were bringing home their sweet baby boy Wyatt.
Luckily Janel knew that her next baby was going to be a boy. They had a room done already and lots of clothes bought for him. My mom and other sister made a run to the store for some diapers and of course more clothes for the little guy. They took Avery to get balloons to welcome her new baby brother home. (By the way, Janel's birthday was on Tuesday. I don't think this year will ever be topped.) A new family of 4
Congratulations guys, we are so happy for you. Hopefully we will see you soon. I can't wait to meet my newest nephew.

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Brenley said...

It totally made me cry to see this! I am so excited for them! Yahoo for adoption!