Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

and there was a little bit of
with a lot of bickering in our home. The presents were wrapped and the goodies were delivered. We were ready for Christmas. I was tired of trying to figure out what was in my packages. I was anxiously awaiting Christmas morning just as much as the kids.

The night before we let the kids open 1 present each. They each got new pajamas.
Ahhhhh.....don't they look cute. I happened to capture a moment when they were not fighting.
I'd say we are ready.
Jeremy with some of his presents. He layered his gifts as best he could.
The vest came after this but it didn't fit real well.
Ryan with his favorite gift of all.....a box.
Brooklyn modeling her new outfit from Aunt Kathi. She has worn it as much as she possibly can since she got it.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Laura was here and that has been really fun. Each of us was spoiled beyond belief. My wonderful husband got me an awesome new camera. I have started using it and abslotely love it. I will post some of those pictures soon. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too. We also decided that we needed to give a gift to Christ and each of us wrote on a piece of paper our gift to him that we will work on over this next year. I hope that next Christmas we can come back and say that we did what we promised.
Merry Christmas to all and at this point Happy New Year!


Brenley said...

Are those first two pictures of things really in your house? They look like they are out of a magazine! And what kind of camera did you get???

Weinberger Family said...

You are too nice Brenley. Yes those are in my home. I made the stocking holder because we don't have a fireplace anymore. I made the "JOY" at my montly craft night.

As for my camera I got the Nikon D5000. I love it. Although it will be nice to learn how to use it outside of auto. HaHa! I am hoping to take some classes in the spring. I took a bunch of pictures of the kids and I am excited to post those soon.

Brenley said...

I so want to join your monthly craft group! I love the stuff that I have seen that you have made there. Lucky! And I love your stocking holder, I might have to do something like that, because we don't have a fireplace either. And congrats on the new camera, so exciting. I have had my camera for about 5 years and I only have learned how to use it in the last year or so. What kind of lense(s) did you get? (whoa, after looking at how much I just wrote I guess I should have just emailed you, sorry!)