Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last week we headed down to Southern California. It was a grueling drive, 17 hours but once we got there we had a blast. We had so much fun in Disneyland. It is so fun to be there and watch the kids' excitement. Jeremy thought everything was "awesome." Here is a picture of the whole gang. The one and only picture of everyone. There was 18 of us. I don't even think we all went on 1 ride together. The closest we got was Pirates of the Caribbean we were only missing Steven and Dylan. This was the first morning. On Wednesday when we got there this pumkin display was taken down and the winter one was up. It was kinda cool to see Fall and Winter things.
Ryan and Me waiting in line. Ryan was a champ the whole time. He took naps in his stroller and loved going on the rides. On the third night we were in Fantasyland and he saw Dumbo and was reaching towards it whining. He wanted to go on it. Ahhhh....I love it! The line for Dumbo was too long though so we went on the Carousel, which he also loved.
All of the cousins, Brooklyn, Ryan, Dylan, Avery, Sydnee, Cohen, and Jeremy.
Jeremy was carrying Avery.
Jeremy was totally into seeing the characters. I wasn't going to do the character thing but he really wanted to so how could I say no. It was actually fun to watch Jeremy's excitement when he got to give them a hug and he got kissed from Mickey.
I think Brooklyn only took a picture with Mickey. Other then that she was not interested.
Jeremy was called up on stage. It was really cute.

Jeremy and Woody. He got this drawing of Woody for going up on stage. sweet.
Jeremy wanted to go on the Ferris wheel really bad. Benson took him on it and they had a blast.
Brooklyn on Dumbo.

Ryan in heaven on the carousel.Ryan liked the characters but this one made him a little nervous.

Brooklyn earned an ice cream cone for going on Screamin' California. Of course once she went on she loved it and wanted to keep going on it. Jeremy earned an ice cream cone for riding in the car that had no other kids without complaining. But he was also very brave and went on Tower of Terror. He only did it once. He wasn't quite sure what he thought about it afterwards. He wasn't tall enough to go on Screamin'. Johnny asked him if he wanted to stand over on the boardwalk so he could see all of us as we went and he responded with, "No, that just makes me want to go on it even more." What a cutie.Ryan enjoying the ice cream.
The kids brought their own money and bought these cute hats. This is on Pirates.
Our family in front of the Christmas tree in California Adventure.
On the tram going home on our last night. This was about midnight. We had so much fun. On the second morning of Disneyland Ryan got all excited getting onto the tram. He thought it was a ride. It was hilarious.
What a great trip.


Julia Callahan said...

LOVE your kids' halloween costumes. And your Disneyland trip looked as fun as ours was (except we left our 2-yr. old with my mom and only took 2 4-yr. olds with 5 adults) 18-people is quite a group! We won't go again for about 5-8 years from now.

c.lee said...

oh i love that picture of all of us!! i'm glad we got one. how cool that they put the christmas tree up, i'm sad i missed it. that last picture of Brooklyn is soo cute!

Carla said...

I love all the pics from your Disneyland trip; looks like everyone had a great time. But I have to say that my favorite is the one of Jeremy hugging Cinderella--oh, a boy's first love (besides his mom, of course)! Great Halloween costumes too. Love the family all themed up together.