Thursday, October 15, 2009

cousins....isn't it about time

We went to Utah this past week for Caitlin's wedding. It was so good to have an excuse to go and see family. We haven't seen Steven and his family in 3 years. Pitiful, I know! It was so good to see them and everyone else. The kids got along so well. They had so much fun together. They played kickball, baseball, they wrestled and all the other things kids do.

This is far from a good picture in so many ways but this was the night all the kids were together and they were so excited. I don't know what Jeremy's issue was, but you will see in the next picture he is over it.
Dylan and Jeremy
Jeremy was so excited to have another boy around to do boy things with. They had a lot of fun together.

Avery, Jeremy and Brooklyn beating up on Uncle Johnny. He is such a good sport.
Nursing Johnny back to health.

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