Friday, September 18, 2009


Well we finally hit another season of soccer. With much confusion about what team Brooklyn was on and if she had a coach and on and on and on....she finally found out which team she was on and they had their first game last Saturday. She really lucked out. She is on a really good team with a really good coach. It has also been really fun for me to watch Brooklyn get better and better at soccer. She is becoming quite the little soccer star. She is known for her big kicks on all the teams she has played on. I think pretty soon she will surpass me her knowledge of the rules of soccer.

So here is her team before their first game sizing up their competition and more then that probably going over some basic rules. Getting some info from her coach before going in. I took a picture just after this and you can tell she is repeating what he said back to him. She is definitely getting to the age where it is really starting to get competitive. I love it!

Brooklyn is #8.

Celebrating after she scored. She scored 1 goal and assisted in a couple of other goals. Her team won 5-2. They actually don't start keeping score until next year know!

Jeremy's game was a lot more layed back but you could definitely tell there was some fight in them. Jeremy had such a good time. He kept tripping over himself because he was laughing so hard from excitement. Jeremy also has some really good kids on his team. It should be a really fun season wathcing him.
Jeremy also scored 1 goal.

Jeremy is to the right of #5. I love seeing them in their little huddle.

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Shelly said...

I'm so happy that Jeremy gets to play soccer this year! After all his time on the sidelines with Nicole. Their back to school pics are cute. It was good to see you guys yesterday!