Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mount St. Helens

Oh crap! I totally forgot that my pictures post backwards. Oh well. We will start at the end. This picture was taken when we were finally done scrambling over the rocks. We thought we would never hit the tree line. The rocks went on forever and ever. The hike all together took us 12 hours. One of the girls with us got 3 really bad blisters so she was in a lot of pain and slowed things down a bit. The hike is 10 miles round trip. We started at 3800 feet and to the top was 8500 feet above sea level. So it was pretty crazy! Anyway, I was very happy and exhausted in this picture. I was so happy to be back down to the tree level, only 2 more miles left at this point. This is a picture I took on our way down from the tree line looking at Mt. Adams.

Here is one of our markers. We had come up and over one of the humps.

Here are us 4 girls before the hike. If we had taken one after you would see much less excitement in our faces. I am not sure what Seriana is doing with her face. I think it is supposed to be a happy excited picture. We also went with Melinda's husband Jason and Seriana's dad Lonny.

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