Thursday, September 24, 2009

Isn't it great turning 8!

Well well well my baby is 8 years old. I cannot believe it. Her birthday also happened to be picture day at school. So with the money Grandma Jean sent for her birthday we went and bought her a new outfit. She picked it all out. Isn't she fashionable! My friend Charel made Brooklyn's birthday cake for her party. We absobutely loved it.
Brooklyn opening her presents from family. Ryan had to make sure he gave Brooklyn her birthday kisses!
I love the excitement on Brooklyn's and Jeremy's face. Did you ever think a 5 year old boy would be so excited about an American Girl book and doll. I actually think he was truly excited for Brooklyn.
Jeremy was so sweet to Brooklyn for her birthday. He made her a bracelet and a card. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for her birthday and he served her her drink first. When it was time to open presents he went and got her bear from Build-A-Bear so she could be in the pictures too.


Shannon W. said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn. Crazy how our kids are growing up. That is an AMAZING cake! Wow.

KATE said...

Happy Birthday Miss Brooklyn!