Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Days of School

Brooklyn started school last Wednesday. Jeremy's first day wasn't until Friday. He was very anxious to start and be a big kid. I can't believe I have 2 kids in school. I was just talking to Shelly the other day commenting on how it feels like we were just sending Brooklyn and Heidi off to kindergarten. My how time flies.

Anyway, I love that my kids let me take lots of pictures of them on their first day of school. The problem is I can never just pick one to post. Especially on Jeremy, you will see why when you scroll down.

My big 2nd grader, Brooklyn!

What a beauty queen! Brooklyn is so sweet and so thoughtful. She is so sweet and is always making me the cutest and most thoughtful pictures. The boy next door who is autistic is in her class and she totally looks out for him. She really is such a sweet person! I am going to miss her helping me out around the house! She insisted on having a backpack that strapped across her. She loves it and that is all that matters. Well that's not true. I have to like it too.
Okay, I love all of the goofy poses Jeremy makes. And these aren't even all of them. This kid cracks me up!
He is wearing his "I am a child of God" bracelet. What a cutie! He wears it all the time.

I have no idea!?!
One handsome devil!
Again, I am not sure what they are doing. I think Brooklyn just wanted to get in on the crazy poses.
The night before Jeremy's first day of school I sent him in to take a shower. After a little while I went to check on him. I asked him if he had washed his hair and he responded with, "Yes, and behind my ears. I want to be all clean for my first day of school." Oh, I love this kid!


caitjane said...

oh my gosh, what good looking kids!!! They look so stinkin cute, I love their shoes. I can't wait to squish them in three weeks!

Janel said...

oh my gosh, those pics of jer had me laughing out loud!! and brooklyn looks just beautiful! can't waito to see you guys!!