Thursday, September 24, 2009

The birthday bash

Well it looks like Ryan has been watching his dad and brother every week. Since Daddy was sleeping he decided he'd better mow the lawn before the birthday party. Thanks Ryan for all your help! Here is the gang from the birthday party. They had their toes painted and are sitting with their masks on. Jeremy served the girls lemonade and suckers while they were getting their pedicures.
We were so glad that Heidi and Nicole were able to come for Brooklyn's birthday. It's really hard not having them just a minute away anymore.
The kids are getting ready to get the pinata.
I tried to tell Brooklyn that we weren't going to do a pinata because we were having a spa party but that just wasn't going to fly with her. We did find this really cute nail polish bottle pinata.
If you look closely Brooklyn took breaking the pinata very seriously.
Here is a picture of the amazing cake that my friend made. Brooklyn absolutely loved it!

We had to hardest time deciding where to put the candles because the cake was so cute we didn't want to mess it up.
Look at all those pretty little toes!


Janel said...

how fun! brooklyn looks so always!

caitjane said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!! You are such a beauty queen!!!

KATE said...

what a great Birthday Party!! How fun!