Thursday, September 24, 2009

The birthday bash

Well it looks like Ryan has been watching his dad and brother every week. Since Daddy was sleeping he decided he'd better mow the lawn before the birthday party. Thanks Ryan for all your help! Here is the gang from the birthday party. They had their toes painted and are sitting with their masks on. Jeremy served the girls lemonade and suckers while they were getting their pedicures.
We were so glad that Heidi and Nicole were able to come for Brooklyn's birthday. It's really hard not having them just a minute away anymore.
The kids are getting ready to get the pinata.
I tried to tell Brooklyn that we weren't going to do a pinata because we were having a spa party but that just wasn't going to fly with her. We did find this really cute nail polish bottle pinata.
If you look closely Brooklyn took breaking the pinata very seriously.
Here is a picture of the amazing cake that my friend made. Brooklyn absolutely loved it!

We had to hardest time deciding where to put the candles because the cake was so cute we didn't want to mess it up.
Look at all those pretty little toes!

Isn't it great turning 8!

Well well well my baby is 8 years old. I cannot believe it. Her birthday also happened to be picture day at school. So with the money Grandma Jean sent for her birthday we went and bought her a new outfit. She picked it all out. Isn't she fashionable! My friend Charel made Brooklyn's birthday cake for her party. We absobutely loved it.
Brooklyn opening her presents from family. Ryan had to make sure he gave Brooklyn her birthday kisses!
I love the excitement on Brooklyn's and Jeremy's face. Did you ever think a 5 year old boy would be so excited about an American Girl book and doll. I actually think he was truly excited for Brooklyn.
Jeremy was so sweet to Brooklyn for her birthday. He made her a bracelet and a card. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for her birthday and he served her her drink first. When it was time to open presents he went and got her bear from Build-A-Bear so she could be in the pictures too.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well we finally hit another season of soccer. With much confusion about what team Brooklyn was on and if she had a coach and on and on and on....she finally found out which team she was on and they had their first game last Saturday. She really lucked out. She is on a really good team with a really good coach. It has also been really fun for me to watch Brooklyn get better and better at soccer. She is becoming quite the little soccer star. She is known for her big kicks on all the teams she has played on. I think pretty soon she will surpass me her knowledge of the rules of soccer.

So here is her team before their first game sizing up their competition and more then that probably going over some basic rules. Getting some info from her coach before going in. I took a picture just after this and you can tell she is repeating what he said back to him. She is definitely getting to the age where it is really starting to get competitive. I love it!

Brooklyn is #8.

Celebrating after she scored. She scored 1 goal and assisted in a couple of other goals. Her team won 5-2. They actually don't start keeping score until next year know!

Jeremy's game was a lot more layed back but you could definitely tell there was some fight in them. Jeremy had such a good time. He kept tripping over himself because he was laughing so hard from excitement. Jeremy also has some really good kids on his team. It should be a really fun season wathcing him.
Jeremy also scored 1 goal.

Jeremy is to the right of #5. I love seeing them in their little huddle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Days of School

Brooklyn started school last Wednesday. Jeremy's first day wasn't until Friday. He was very anxious to start and be a big kid. I can't believe I have 2 kids in school. I was just talking to Shelly the other day commenting on how it feels like we were just sending Brooklyn and Heidi off to kindergarten. My how time flies.

Anyway, I love that my kids let me take lots of pictures of them on their first day of school. The problem is I can never just pick one to post. Especially on Jeremy, you will see why when you scroll down.

My big 2nd grader, Brooklyn!

What a beauty queen! Brooklyn is so sweet and so thoughtful. She is so sweet and is always making me the cutest and most thoughtful pictures. The boy next door who is autistic is in her class and she totally looks out for him. She really is such a sweet person! I am going to miss her helping me out around the house! She insisted on having a backpack that strapped across her. She loves it and that is all that matters. Well that's not true. I have to like it too.
Okay, I love all of the goofy poses Jeremy makes. And these aren't even all of them. This kid cracks me up!
He is wearing his "I am a child of God" bracelet. What a cutie! He wears it all the time.

I have no idea!?!
One handsome devil!
Again, I am not sure what they are doing. I think Brooklyn just wanted to get in on the crazy poses.
The night before Jeremy's first day of school I sent him in to take a shower. After a little while I went to check on him. I asked him if he had washed his hair and he responded with, "Yes, and behind my ears. I want to be all clean for my first day of school." Oh, I love this kid!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mount St. Helens

Oh crap! I totally forgot that my pictures post backwards. Oh well. We will start at the end. This picture was taken when we were finally done scrambling over the rocks. We thought we would never hit the tree line. The rocks went on forever and ever. The hike all together took us 12 hours. One of the girls with us got 3 really bad blisters so she was in a lot of pain and slowed things down a bit. The hike is 10 miles round trip. We started at 3800 feet and to the top was 8500 feet above sea level. So it was pretty crazy! Anyway, I was very happy and exhausted in this picture. I was so happy to be back down to the tree level, only 2 more miles left at this point. This is a picture I took on our way down from the tree line looking at Mt. Adams.

Here is one of our markers. We had come up and over one of the humps.

Here are us 4 girls before the hike. If we had taken one after you would see much less excitement in our faces. I am not sure what Seriana is doing with her face. I think it is supposed to be a happy excited picture. We also went with Melinda's husband Jason and Seriana's dad Lonny.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Hardcore Wife!!!!

On Friday, Michelle and a couple of friends from church climbed Mt. St. Helen's. A couple of the girls from YW wanted to do it as a project for their YW values. I have wanted to climb Mt. St. Helen's for a long time, so needless to say, I was a bit jealous and proud, all at the same time!

Right after the timber-line, they needed to start scrambling over boulders. The long poles shoved into the ground served as markers for the ascent, and descent for that matter.

After the boulder field, the mountain changed into an ash field. Michelle said that walking in the ash was very much like walking in the loose sand at a beach, but much more steep. She said the ski poles helped a whole lot.

The higher they got, the ash got more and more refined, with less and less boulders and rocks in it. This bottom pictures shows just a bit of the ash that they had to trudge through.

Glory shot from the top, looking down into the caldera. How beautiful (my wife, not the caldera)!

This shot is looking from the edge of the cliff down into the caldera. All that missing mountain was blasted out with the eruption.

Michelle, I am so proud of you for doing this! Good job, and I am looking forward to doing it with you next year!!!