Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ryan's birthday party

Fun was had by all at Little Ryan's first birthday bash. We had lots of food, balloons, kids, presents, cakes, and ice cream. The evening started off with a little play time followed up with some scrumptious hamburgers and hot dogs. Then the birthday boy screamed in excitement when he opened all of his gifts and then he dived straight into some delicious birthday cake. What more could a 1 year old ask for? Absolutely nothing! Well, maybe a really good night's rest after such activities. And by golly, we let him sleep it all off because that is the kind of parents we are! (If you click on the collage it will pull it up bigger. I don't know why the pics are grainy either.)

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talonandanna said...

he is an absolute doll! my and how big he's getting! so fun! hope you guys are doing well!