Thursday, August 06, 2009

Battle Ground Lake

Today Shelly and her girls came up to Battle Ground for the day. It wasn't real hot today but we decided to head out to the lake anyway. We had a really fun time (in between the whining!) When we headed out it wasn't warm enough to swim so we dragged the kids on the hike that went around the lake. They all whined in the beginning because they wanted to go swimming. I told them that the hike was going to be as fun as they let it be. So instantly most of them changed their attitudes. Those kids had a really good time. One of the few moments Brooklyn had any interest in the hike. I had to post it.

Jeremy and Heidi wanted to climb on everything they could.
A little rest stop.
Once we were done with our little hike it had warmed up. So we drove back home and got the swimsuits. All the kids had a really good time in the water. They were playing on this log for quite a while. It was really fun to watch them.
Shelly and I had fun watching the kids and other people today, enough said. There were some really interesting people at the lake. We had some really good laughs. I needed that. I have been so stressed with a few things this week. So it was really good to get a break from it all. Thanks guys for coming!


Julia Callahan said...

I haven't looked at anyone's or done my blog for over 2 months! I had so much to read. You've had a great summer, I see. Crater lake scenery is BEAUTIFUL. Oh, my heck! Where is that? Your kids are still cute, and Happy Birthday! :0) You're old- ha

Shauna said...

hey hot mama! i sooo wish i could have been there with shelly...i had to be back by 330 and i felt bad only being up there for like 2 hours b4 i had to make shelly come home cause i had this looks like a ton of fun! lets forsure do this again..shelly said you were leaving town? when are you leaving? when do you get back? when u are back i promise to make a day trip and hang out and see the place! we mis syou! hope that all is well...hey i forgot when ryans bday thing was again..i forgot to write it on my calendar and since we are going camping soon i wanted to makes sure it didnt fall on the same weekend..that would make me soo sad...