Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lucia Falls

Earlier this summer we took the kids to Lucia Falls. These falls are just a few minutes from our home so it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. The kids moaned and groaned about having to go but once we showed them the falls they were happy we went.

These pictures are from Ryan and my trip to California for Adrienne's surprise birthday. We had a really good time. Ryan loved loved loved all of the attention he got. He was living like a king there. I need to figure out how to post the pictures I got from the birthday party. But for now, here is Ryan.
proud of himself for standing...
loving the camera...
and showing his major skills at the bear crawl
Can't you tell I love this baby!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ryan's birthday party

Fun was had by all at Little Ryan's first birthday bash. We had lots of food, balloons, kids, presents, cakes, and ice cream. The evening started off with a little play time followed up with some scrumptious hamburgers and hot dogs. Then the birthday boy screamed in excitement when he opened all of his gifts and then he dived straight into some delicious birthday cake. What more could a 1 year old ask for? Absolutely nothing! Well, maybe a really good night's rest after such activities. And by golly, we let him sleep it all off because that is the kind of parents we are! (If you click on the collage it will pull it up bigger. I don't know why the pics are grainy either.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Duder Bug!

Ryan aka: Duder Bug (long story)
My sweet little Ryan turned 1 today. I cannot believe it. He is getting so big and brings so much love into our home. He is changing every day. He has learned to wave good bye. Just this last week he really learned that when someone says "bye" you wave. It is really cute to watch him. He also took his first 3 steps in California on Tuesday the 11th. I was visiting Adrienne for her birthday and that is when Ryan showed Adrienne and I just how cool he was. He stood up took 3 steps and sat back down. He needed no help from anyone!

Anyway, we celebrated his first birthday today with some of our friends. We had a really fun time. Our neighbor Mike took all the pictures for us because I left my camera in Cali. So when I get the disc from him I will post pictures. He told me he took around 200 pictures. So I should have plenty to share. The picture at the top is from the 4th of July. We used this picture for his birthday invitation.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Battle Ground Lake

Today Shelly and her girls came up to Battle Ground for the day. It wasn't real hot today but we decided to head out to the lake anyway. We had a really fun time (in between the whining!) When we headed out it wasn't warm enough to swim so we dragged the kids on the hike that went around the lake. They all whined in the beginning because they wanted to go swimming. I told them that the hike was going to be as fun as they let it be. So instantly most of them changed their attitudes. Those kids had a really good time. One of the few moments Brooklyn had any interest in the hike. I had to post it.

Jeremy and Heidi wanted to climb on everything they could.
A little rest stop.
Once we were done with our little hike it had warmed up. So we drove back home and got the swimsuits. All the kids had a really good time in the water. They were playing on this log for quite a while. It was really fun to watch them.
Shelly and I had fun watching the kids and other people today, enough said. There were some really interesting people at the lake. We had some really good laughs. I needed that. I have been so stressed with a few things this week. So it was really good to get a break from it all. Thanks guys for coming!