Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

You know how you read all those blogs where the husband writes something really nice about their wife for their birthday, well apparently my husband isn't going to do that. Not that I thought he would, it's not really his thing but I thought maybe for the big 30th birthday he would. Oh well! So I will post about my birthday. Kathi and Ashli came here for the holiday (4th of July not my birthday) and luckily my birthday is close enough to a holiday that we have family here to celebrate with me. We had a good day, went shopping, hung out, and ate way too much food. I gave myself the day off (it turned into the weekend off.) But good food and family, you can't beat that. Jeremy made me a bracelet for my birthday and Brooklyn's gave me lots of little things she had made or collected. She wrote me a very nice letter and read me 3 stories about love. She is so sweet.


Amy Fox said...

Don't feel too bad, Jesse won't blog either! Happy 30th anyway!!!

Rebecca said...

My husband probably wouldn't do that either, but he would think it! Happy Birthday!!

Weinberger Family said...

I guess I have to give Benson some credit, he gave me a really nice card.