Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping Crater Lake style!

Our trip to Crater Lake finally happened. We had been planning it for about a year now. We went down on Wednesday morning and came home Saturday. Much fun was had in those 5 days. Please join me as we journey through our week.

These first three pictures were taken up at the Rim Village area, before we were dirty from camp life.
Ryan looking up a little annoyed that Jeremy is in his spot on Dad's shoulders.

Beautiful Brooklyn Jane posing for the camera.

Me with my JaneDoe!

This picture is about 15 minutes after arriving at our camp spot. Oh, it's going to be a long week...
...but I came up with a solution. Instead of "tummy time" we had "tent time." Poor little Ryan in baby jail. For the most part he had fun playing in the tent or van with the kids. Ryan was only in the dirt one time and that was when we first got to camp. I couldn't handle anymore then that. It actually worked out well. The kids kept him entertained. He also had chair time, backpack time, nap time, and of course mommy and daddy time.
Here is said backpack time! He actually loved it. Anything to be in the middle of the action.

During one of Ryan's naps we were a little bored hanging out at camp and the kids were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Williams. So we played Survivor: Crater Lake. Each of us had to pick a stump to stand on and whoever outlasted the rest of us earned cookies. Benson took pictures and also stood in as the narrator. So here is Benson standing on his stump...
Brooklyn on her stump...

and Jeremy on his. He was bored and was trying to stay entertained. I was on a stump but really didn't like any of the pictures of me.

As Benson said it, "It was a blistering hot 78 degrees, barely above the temperature in your house. The survivors haven't had anything to eat for 5 minutes and they have been standing on their stump for an amazing 30 seconds"....and so on. We had a good time. Well all except Jeremy. He kept saying it was boring and switching stumps, but yet he thought he was winning. Benson was the first one out by pretending to be off balance and then really was. I was the next one out by trying to help Jeremy and lost focus, Jeremy was never really in it, and that leaves Brooklyn as the sole survivor. Way to earn your cookies Brooklyn. Nothing will phase her when there are cookies to win. (Jeremy had cookies too, it was just easier that way!)
The next five pictures are from our little hike up the Sun Notch trail. It was only 1/4 mile up. A short hike for some great scenery.
The gang minus Scott, he was taking the picture.

Our little family

Keep this picture! Apparently Jeremy and Nicole proposed to each other in the car before this hike. We will need this picture for their wedding video.
A picture of Phantom Ship. Apparently it is equivalent to a 16 story building. It looked quite small to everything else around. But it was pretty cool.

A waterfall along the road.
Heidi and Brooklyn playing solitaire back at camp.
We hiked up to this watch tower to see the sunset. But there were too many mosquitos at the top so we hiked back down before the sunset. We still did have a great view of the sunset though. So all's well that ends well. If you look really hard you can see the tower at the top. It was a .7 mile hike up.

A view from the top,
another view,

and the view of the sunset back at the parking lot.

The next day we made the 1.1 mile hike down to the water. There is only one hike or place that you can reach the water. So we hiked down and then had to make the 1.1 mile hike back up. I carried Ryan down and Benson carried him back up. It was a killer on my knees, but I am glad I didn't have to carry him up the hill. It was 700 feet down vertically to the water, which is equivalent to a 65 story building. The kids did amazing.

We should have brought our swimsuits but somebody told me we wouldn't need them. I won't mention him by name but I will tell you I am married to him. The water was cold but not freezing. It was also very clear. It was amazing.

I love this picture of the water. You can see the rock in the water. It was so pretty!
The last morning we were there Benson and Scott hiked up to the lookout at Mount Scott. The highest point in the park. It was a 5 mile round trip hike. Too much for the kids. They said it was very cool and Benson brought back a piece of pumice rock for the kids.
We also had a lot of fun hanging around camp and the camp fires. After we put the kids to bed us adults would stay up and talk and laugh. We definitely made some great memories. I hope the kids will remember it. We had so much fun. I hope you had fun going on this little journey with me.
Oh, I didn't remember there was another picture. Well isn't it pretty!


Carla said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time.

Ben said...

Looks amazing - way to win those cookies, Brooklyn!

Janel said...

wow, that is gorgeous!! we need to go there sometime

amanda said...

Crater Lake is one of my favorite childhood memories. ou guys are so good about taking your kids cool places. Glad you're having such an eventful summer.

KATE said...

Great Pictures! Love them!