Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jeremy's Birthday

We celebrated Jeremy's 5th birthday on the 13th of June. It was his first real friends party. He had a lot of fun. We had a water balloon toss, pinata, scavanger hunt, and pin the ball in the glove. The kids had a lot of fun.

The Williams came for Jer's birthday and stayed and had dinner with us. We went for a walk and fed the ducks.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This post is really for Brooke. She wanted me to post a picture of my highlights that I had done. So here it is Brooke. I tried to take it from higher so you could see the top. Anyway, here it is! The first day it seemed so drastic. Now I want to get more done. Oh well, I am happy with it.

Brand New Deck

One night Michelle and I were talking about what we needed to do around the house. I mentioned one thing, and she stated "you really need to take care of the deck." So, with my fantastic ability to read between the lines of what she was telling me, I decided to take care of the deck. The deck had been ignored pretty much since the initial stain was put on. The boards were all cupped and the grain was totally blown out. It was a mess. We started by taking the benches off to reveal just the deck surface.
Once the benches were off, I did two different chemical treatments, one to remove the stain, and the other was a deck prep. They helped alot, but the wood was still pretty bad. I figured that I needed to sand it in order for it to look really nice.

I had recently purchased a random orbital sander, and I figured that I would get my moneys worth out of it. I ended up doing about a 10 foot square area before I realized that I would be 40 before I finished it. Michelle was nice enough to let me rent a hardwood floor sander.

The above picture is after the hardwood floor sander did its job. It was working really well, but I decided that it wasn't working fast enough. In order to fix that problem, I started sanding against the grain. It was a risky decision, but sped things up and made the wood look brand new. The bad thing is that before I could run the sander across the boards, I had to go and counter sink every nail. There are 22 boards on the deck, 9 rows of nails, and 2 nails per boards/row. You do the math.

If you could turn your head sideways, you would see that this was the first step of the application of the stain. I rolled it on and then back-brushed it on. The boards of the deck were a little bit too far apart, so you could see the natural wood down the cracks. I ended up buying a bug sprayer and filling it with stain. I then sprayed the stain down the cracks. Kind of a waste of stain, but it made it look really good.

Here is the finished deck, without the benches on it. We got a semi-transparent stain, which was supposed to let the grain show through, but once we got two coats on, you could not see the grain. Oh well.
We ended up cutting the long bench in half. I finished off the sides, and now we have the two benches that are in an L-shape. I don't know if those are going to stay like that or not. I haven't been told what I think about the set up yet. Still waiting for a decision.
If we keep the benches like that, we will end up moving the stairs and the exit point of the deck would be on the back of the deck.

The stain turned out to be a bit more red then we thought it was going to be, but once we started putting it on, what could you do?

All-in-all we are pretty happy with how it turned out!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Slip n' Slide

This past weekend we had Heidi and Nicole stay with us. The kids had so much fun. It was go, go, go the whole time. We went and bought a slip n' slide and invited some of the neighbors over. It was so much fun to watch them. Even Little Ry got in on the action.

Brooklyn and Heidi
From the moment I got up on Saturday morning the kids were asking me to get out the slip n' slide. Once lunch was over we got it out. This time we did it in the backyard so just the four of them could play together since we don't get to do that so much anymore.
I think these pictures are so cute of the four of them.

We had so much fun with having them here. We ate ice cream both days, played on the slip n' slide, and they all four took a bath in my tub with their swimsuits on. We also went to Jeremy's t-ball game and the girls played at the park. We can't wait to have them here again.
Here is another story about my weekend. I had to give a talk on Sunday. Okay fine, I did it. But I got a call from Benson at 7:15 Sunday morning telling me he was stuck at work (church starts and 9:00) and didn't know when he would be home. Ahhhh.....So not only was I nervous about the talk but now I need to find a way to the church and who do I know well enough to call and ask for a ride! I did finally get a hold of someone to take us to church, but because I had to figure that all out I of course wasn't ready as early as I had wanted to be. Luckily we did make it to church on time and Benson did make it just before I had to talk. The Bishop thanked me for not cancelling on him. Had I known that was really and option I just might have. At least that is done for the next few years!