Wednesday, May 27, 2009


For the Memorial Day weekend we went to Seattle to see the Giants play the Mariners. We decided to get a hotel and stay the night so the kids could get some swimming in also. We stayed in downtown Seattle which is bad for me because that means elevators, but Benson was willing to take the stairs with me. So anyway we check in and Benson took the kids and the luggage up the elevator and I go around the corner to use the stairs. Well the stairs are locked. So I go back to the counter and they have to call security to find out how I can take the stairs. So they tell me how to do it and so I do. Well we then decide to take the kids to the pool which is located on the 5th floor. So we all walk down the stairs from the 12th floor (which their numbering is weird it was probably only the 10th level.) So we get to the 5th floor and the door is locked. So we go back up the the 10th floor (that is the first place you have access) and take the elevator down to the 5th and when we get off we notice that the pool is being renovated. So we go to the lobby to see if there are any other pools. They tell us we can use one at a different hotel. So we trek a couple of blocks to a different hotel. I ask the bell hop where the pool is and if we can take the stairs. He tells me it is in the basement and that the stairs are for emergency use only. ( I wanted to tell him that this could possibly be and emergency use but decide to refrain myself.) So we go down and we need a key from their hotel. So Benson goes and does that for us. If you know Benson you know his patience is shot by this point on a good day. Now on a day like this where he hadn't slept really at all and he had just dealt with helping recover 2 children out of the Willamette River because the Mom pushed them in and the 4 year old boy was dead and the 7 year old sister was using him as a floatation device. Not something he sees everyday at work. So needless to say his mind was a little preoccupied and stressed out. Anyway, the kids swim for about an hour before we have to get back to the hotel and get ready for the game. So we get to the game and Ryan was horrible. He was climbing all over us and just not very enjoyable. So after about the 2nd inning I told Benson I would be back before the game was over. So I went and stood and watched the game until I finally got Ryan to fall asleep. Which took a few innings. Luckily the Giants did win the game and made it all worth it. It was a lot of fun to see them play again. Here is the view from our seats. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately our view of the skyline was much nicer then our view of the game.

The kids in their bed. I just thought they looked cute. By the way, this also happens to be the bed that Ryan fell off of the next morning and hitting his head. He was moaning and wanting to go to sleep so we called the nurse. Luckily within a little while he was back to normal and we didn't have to make a trip to the ER. Which is shocking for the way everything else had gone.
But all in all I am glad we went and it is defintely a vacation for the books.

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Carla said...

Benson is such a good soul!! Glad you had a nice (?) time.