Monday, May 18, 2009

Cape Kiwana

On Saturday we went with the Williams to Cape Kiwana. Scott participated in the Reach the Beach event. He rode his bicycle from Beaverton to the Beach. It was a total of 100 miles. So the kids and I went with Shelly and her kids to the beach and waited for Scott. We had a lot of fun, the weather was perfect and the kids were well behaved. I was nervous taking Ryan to the beach but he was awesome. He also did really well with all of the driving. The only time he cried was on the way to the beach. He cried a little while but other then that he was perfect. Shelly took the kids to the top of this sand dune. Look on her blog she got some cool pictures from up there. If I didn't have Ryan I would have gone up myself. The kids had fun going up and running down it a few times. Jeremy and Heidi both got some pretty good tumbles coming down.

Thanks guys for letting us come with you. We had a ton of fun.


KATE said...

Great pictures!

Carla said...

I love the first picture of Ryan in the sand--he looks so cute. And that's a great picture of Brooklyn and her friend; it'd be cute to frame it for her room. Love you.

Shelly said...

Thanks for coming with us. That was a fun trip although I don't think I told you about the depression Heidi went into immediately after you guys left. She couldn't even eat her dinner and you heard her saying how hungry she was all the way home.