Wednesday, April 08, 2009

our little T-baller

Jer had his first T-ball game tonight. He was so excited. He was talking about it all day. He got to hit three times and he did really well. He was extremely focused and into the game. I am so looking forward to all of my years watching my boys play ball.

What a cutie! He is one of the youngest on the team. So he looks pretty small when he is out there.

I just love this picture of him. I am not even sure what he is doing but he is having a good time.


Carla said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for all the pictures in the last few posts. I just love looking at pics of your cute kids and all the stuff they do. Congrats to Jeremy on doing well in T-ball!! Can't wait to come visit in your new home. Love you!!

Brad and Jenn said...

Your pictures are great! Owen starts t-ball on Saturday so we're right behind you!

KATE said...

What a cutie!