Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a little of what's been going on

This picture is out of order but Jeremy loved helping Benson mow the lawn.
This picture is of the day we moved in. Shelly and her kids came and helped us. The kids had fun cleaning the pantry. I gladly let them scrub. The kids in their new home.

As you can see I worked Benson really hard. I would paint all the trim and then Benson would wake up and roll the rest. He was glad when it was done. Now we just have the upstairs to do! I think we will wait a few months. I didn't take any before pictures and have yet to take after pictures. But everything was white except Brooklyn's room which is purple. Unfortunately it is a pretty bad paint job.

The Williams came to visit on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day that the kids spend most of it outside. This car was in Brooklyn's bedroom when we moved in. Brooklyn and Heidi figured out how to take it apart and we moved it outside for the kids to climb on. So here they are outside reassembling the "bed."

We also played croquet and ate outside.

I was shocked at how Ryan reacted to the grass. He really didn't mind it at all. He realized it was different but it didn't bother him. He enjoyed touching something new.

This is his look. He is always playing with his tongue. It is really cute. Brooklyn has also taught him to clay his hands. He is getting so big! He has also stood on his own for about 2 seconds. Which I know isn't long but very exciting!


Ben said...

Your house looks great! Isn't painting fun?

I'm glad it worked out for you and you're getting all settled in. Your kids are so cute, I love that picture of Ryan looking out the window.

I must say I'm disappointed that Benson doesn't mow the lawn in full uniform...

KATE said...

How fun! it's always so exciting to get into a new house and get things set up! Are you loving it?